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How can I get free online computer courses?

I would like to undertake my studies through free online computer courses. I wonder how I can identify the more reliable ones. I want to understand how one can study through an online learning center. What exactly is that and how does it work? I am ready to undertake online distance learning courses as long as I am not charged anything for them. Am I just dreaming, or can I possibly learn for free? How effective are these free lessons? Please advise me since I would not want to waste my time.

Curtis Rhodes

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 30, 2018

Taking a free online computer course is a reality and not a just a dream. There are quite a number of organizations, which have innovative ways of giving you education, at no direct cost to you. They do offer courses which can help you learn. It all depends on your ability and commitment to the programs. Here are some sites which can help you get started.

  1. If your main interest is to learn about basic computer operations, then Education Online for Computers is the site for you. The site offers training on basics such as using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher and FrontPage. It also offers training on, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver. You will get some basics web design too. The training in these areas is quite elaborate and designed to enable you to operate in the world of computers with utmost confidence. The only downside of the sight is that it does not give you programming knowledge worth talking about.
  2. You can also take intermediate and fairly advanced courses at Future Learn. The training on offer is in areas such as programming, big data management, cybersecurity, data science and digital marketing. There are also courses on digital communication, research, mobile technology, game design, and technology in health management. At Future Learn, they think of the smallest details, such as training you on how to handle social media communication. That can be very useful, especially these days when social interaction online defines our lives. There are several other courses which you can explore on the site. If you want to take an exam leading to a certificate, then you can pay from $39 to upgrade. Otherwise, all the learning is free. Their courses by distance learning are very good for developing your skills in computers.
  3. If you are interested in more advanced courses in computer science, then you can try the free learning center online called Edx. The center offers a variety of courses in computer science, from the most basic to advanced ones. The aim of the program is to spread computer knowledge to all. You can take advantage of it to learn. Among the courses on offer are C++, Designing data platforms, Software development, IT for business, Java and Mobile App development, among others. This is one place you can leave with great knowledge on computers if you work consistently.

Jeffrey Rodriguez2 years ago

Free is expensive. Though the courses mentioned above are free, you always find that you have more access when you pay. The hidden charges are usually very poorly camouflaged. This idea of free online computer courses to me is a delusion. I don’t deny that you can get very good basic knowledge. However, all that is cleverly designed to whet your appetite, so that you pay for the more detailed training. So I do encourage people to take advantage of the free courses to start them off, but be prepared with the “$39 for the exams”. Tacit requests to better your chances by paying these “small” amounts will keep coming. Eventually, you will have paid for almost everything you studied. That is why I don’t buy this argument that their aim is to “spread computer knowledge.” The bottom-line is always cash. As you enjoy the “free” services, be well prepared.

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