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How can I get adult continuing education?

I’m not happy with my education level. I dropped out of high school to work as a tour guide on the beach. It paid well some time ago, but now competition from university graduates is pushing me out. Since I have some financial burdens, I need adult continuing education services to improve my prospects. How can I get these services and even further education? Is there an adult education school? I would appreciate if you can point me to educational sites that offer these services remotely. I want a work-study arrangement.

Timothy Norman

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Victoria Fowler on April 26, 2018

It is always a good thing to further your studies, no matter what your level of education or age. Just note the following.

You can get continuing education for adults from community colleges, universities and other institutions existing around you. In many cases, you will find that they offer a flexible schedule that will help accommodate your current work arrangement. This is a preferable approach because you will interact directly with your teachers and fellow learners. You will thus be able to learn from and support one another. However, this may still prove to be impractical for you. It will mean commuting to the college on a regular basis which is not only more expensive but inconvenient as well.

There are some adult education schools, for example, you can also opt for studying online to attain your further educational goals. This will mean going through several education sites that offer services to adults online. You will find that such sites are even more flexible and affordable since you do not have to commute to them. The tradeoff will be that you will not get to meet other people directly, but only virtually. What you will miss in the interaction you will gain in flexible and affordable studies. It is thus up to you to decide whether this is the most viable option for you.

Your studies will still call for the same dedication and commitment that was required of you before you dropped out. You will be paying for your studies so you should not waste your time or money. If you are going in half-heartedly, then you will not last the distance just like before. You will need to plan your schedule properly so that your current work does not infringe on your studies, and your studies don’t infringe on your work. That calls for proper time management.

Somewhere in between, you will still have to find time for your family. Before you commence your studies, you should sit them down and explain to them what you are embarking on. They are the ones most likely to defeat your objectives, even though their intentions will always be good. The children especially will not understand why you have to study instead of attending to their needs for attention. You may at times be called upon to carry your laptop outside your house to get a good study environment. This way you will manage both worlds.

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

You are late, but not too late. You tried to cut corners earlier in life to cruise ahead of your peers. Now they have caught up with you, and they are in the overtaking lane. Your journey to further education is possible if you avoid the short-cut mentality of the past. You must set aside time to study even under your current circumstances. Don’t complain since you lost the opportunity to study earlier when you had the chance. Instead, commit yourself to study no matter what the challenges you will definitely face on the way. The good news is that if you are well motivated, you may still end up above those who are overtaking you now. Life is full of lay-bys on the road. Only those who keep going that make it.

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