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How can I find work motivation in the workplace?

I usually have problems discovering self motivation, especially on Monday mornings. With a pleasant weekend in the rearview mirror, pushing myself through the five straight days of work becomes quite difficult. Is there anyone who can tell me how to motivate myself? Kindly provide me with some tips about work motivation. I believe there must be a way to keep myself motivated in the workplace. If not, then why am I so active and motivated some days. I will gladly accept any help on this issue. Thanks a lot.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Daniel King on July 25, 2018

I will share several ways in which you can find work-motivation at your job.
If tasks seem boring, you can reward yourself.
Promise yourself a reward after you are through with a task. A chocolate bar or lunch at your favorite place can serve as a reward. It can be anything provided it will get you to do the task at hand. Consider it as patting yourself on the back.
Secondly, convince yourself that you like working on the task assigned.
One of the simplest things that can make you motivated is thinking what you are about to work on is easy. Make the task look easy as a lot depends on your perception.
Additionally, take control.
You can stay focused on personal responsibilities by keeping in mind that you are responsible and in control of what you do.
Surround yourself with hardworking people.
It is hard to know how to motivate yourself if you walk with people who aren’t motivated. Whenever you feel lazy, surround yourself with hard-working people. It can be coworkers who pursue their goals with everything that they have or friends with the same mind who you meet up with later. Have friends or acquaintances who lead you to success.
Break up work into small chunks.
Another easy way of discovering self-motivation is breaking up large tasks into small ones. You feel motivated when you are through with a task, however small it may be. Moreover, small tasks help you identify the obstacles underlying.
Maintain your focus.
If you are used to responding to ad hoc requests from colleagues, show them that sometimes you can’t be available. It is hard to stay motivated if you can’t concentrate on your task due to requests from colleagues.
Remember the reason you are working.
The most motivating thing is knowing why you are doing what you are doing. Whether the main reason is to put food on your family’s table or you are working on a product that can change your life, it is vital that you remain inspired.
Remain positive
Many people will tell you that you are bound to fail, and it is true; failure is inevitable. However, what determines the ultimate success is how you deal with the failure. Dwell on your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses. The employer you work for couldn’t have hired you if they didn’t find some strength in you. Build your self-esteem by focusing on your strengths.

Ronald Millera year ago

Great tips! If the lack of work motivation is brought about by monotony, you can try challenging yourself. You can ask for a different project or more work. This change can keep you motivated while at work. You can also try learning a new skill that can allow you to work on more challenging tasks or in a different department. For the reward system you described, you can try something big like planning a holiday. This way, even when driving to work on a boring Monday morning you will be motivated that the office will be paying for your exciting getaway. Hang out with your colleagues after work. You will build great working relationships, and you'll be surprised how work-motivating it can be. When your colleagues become your friends, you get to love your work; it’s like working under the same roof as your friend. Focus on what you have accomplished every evening. 

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