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How can I find the best spanish tutor for a six year-old girl?

My niece Mellisa has just graduated from her presschool and she is looking forward to joining her first grade in an uptown elementary charter school at the beginning of next year. I’m looking for assistance on how to find a competent spanish tutor. The tutor should be able to travel to her home and conduct in home tutoring for about a month. Also, I wish to be enlightened on how to conduct private library tutoring.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Donald Ward on February 1, 2018

Here is all you need in order to help Mellisa develop second language skills early in her life. Primarily, I would advise that you do research and compile a list of competent spanish tutors within your neighbourhood who can easily visit your home, teach your child and then return to their homes during day time. Personally, I would prefer that my little child learns during the day and then she goes to bed early. Therefore, I would hire a a tutor down the street or who comes from within a reasonable range. Secondly, as a parent you should conduct phone or live interviews to evaluate your chosen tutor’s ability, level of education and the extent to which they can appropriaterly handle young child.

Remember your child does not have the problem of poor performance in class,but she only requires a foundation in spanish language. How she is modelled from the first day will determine whether she will be good in spanish or grow up to dislike spanish lessons and language as a whole. The tutor you hire should be ready to address your child’s unique needs and he or she should have an expansive knowledge of caring and upbringing. After you and your family understands what you want for your child, choose two or three tutors then undertake to investigate their skills, personality and commitment and finally choose the one that you feel is the best for your child.

If you have more difficulty in getting the best tutor for your little girl, try approaching her preschool teacher and ask her how well can you help your child to be fluent in Spanish language. Ask her the level of in-home tutoring that you will require at the beginning of her lessons and get to know if your child requires intensive remediation or some sort of homework assignments during her lessons. Your child’s teacher probably knows where the tutor should improve. It could be that your child first requires to simply learning some few Spanish words, then followed may be by learning Spanish syllables or writing. Of course, if you are a parent who works full time, you may not be able to know all the qualities of your child. The teacher knows her learning style and she understands whether Mellisa learns best through listening, reading, moving or touching. May be your child does best when taught by men or sometimes by women and by involving her teacher, you will be able to harmonize facts about your child and choose the most appropriate tutor for her.

In regard to you conducting library-tutoring for your child, you will need first to prepare to teach as well learn how to use library resources. Primarily, your teaching will entail conducting your classes in a library using resources such as computers, boards, books and newspaper. You should be prepared to teach your child how to behave in the library and how to use library resources.

Brian Warner2 years ago

Learning a second language should serve to develop a child’s speaking skills and mental ability. I agree with everything in the above answer. First of all the tutor you entrust with your child should be someone of good reputation in his/her work and morals. Secondly the Spanish tutor you hire should actually understand how to speak Spanish and English since your child will require to be taught first in the language that she understands.

You should also ask your child’s tutor to air out his or her expectations, both from you and your child. Get to know how much time and money she/he will expect from you. What do they want your child to achieve at the end of the tutoring process. At the end choose a tutor whom you can afford his expectations in terms of money and time. Also settle for a tutor who has great expectations with your child and he or she should have very promising testimonials.

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