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How can I find some good places for summer study abroad?

I am thinking about having summer study abroad. Now I am in need of some reliable information about summer abroad programs because none in my family has tried this before. Can you tell me what are the different ways I can find information about summer abroad programs? Also, it will be highly appreciated if you could provide me with information about some good summer study abroad programs. Are there some agencies which will handle the entire process of finding where to study abroad to organizing the program so that the process remains hassle-free for me? And do they really handle it well? Thank you very much.

Frank Nichols

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1 answer

1 answer

Ralph Lopez on June 18, 2018

Great decision. You can find a large number of summer study abroad internships from CIEE. These internships are the best and most thrilling way to gain skills and knowledge. You can reach the website using the link The organization has a website on which you can select an internship based on your field of study, discipline, program type, country, city, term, and language of instruction. Once you choose the internship that you think best meets your expectations, leave the rest to the organization. They will do everything for you, ranging from your application process, pre-departure planning, your stay abroad, and up to your coming back to the U.S. In addition to that, CIEE has specialty programs and short-term and intensive programs as well. To know more about them, use the link

Broadreach College has a number of summer study abroad options for students in subject areas of marine science, photography, multimedia, animal science and ecology, and medicine. These courses all enjoy transferrable college credits and community service hours. For more information, you can use the link

If that is not your option, you can find some interesting abroad summer programs from IES Abroad. They offer about 50 programs at 29 locations in different countries. What makes this organization the favorite choice of thousands of students is the long years of experience the company has. With more than six decades of dedicated service, the company has changed the lives of so many students. To know more, use

Planning to travel to many countries? Then this multi-country summer program will interest you. You can find a number of nursing and healthcare courses from Forum-Nexus Study Abroad and as you study, travel different European places, including Paris, Amsterdam, Chamonix, Rhodes, Rome and many more. This will add 8 credits to your academic achievements. Want to read more? Here’s the link

Well, there is another interesting offer from SPI Study Abroad, covering countries like Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, and China. The company has been in this service for more than 20 years. To know more about them, read more  here:

Finally, there is CEA, offering high-quality internship programs for students since 1997. Some of the places they offer internships include Aix-en-Province, Dublin, Barcelona, Florence, London, Paris, Rome, Prague, Seville, Granada, and many more. If you are interested in knowing more about the programs offered by CEA, you can find them here Hope this list helps you find where to have studies abroad. 

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