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How can I find elementary school rankings of different schools in the US online?

I want to relocate to another state for work reasons in a couple of months and it would be really great if someone can help me find a website that has elementary school reviews or elementary school rankings. My kids really like it here at their current school but I want to convince them to move because I will have better business opportunities in another state. I am looking for a website that also has primary school ratings and that may also have a list of top elementary schools in USA.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 7, 2018

I have recently moved to New York and I am going to tell you about the website that helped me the most among all the websites. You will find the link to this website at the end of my post and it will direct you to a webpage that shows a list of the top 50 best American public schools. In addition, by using this website, you can view different reviews of elementary schools that are written by parents like you and me who write detailed reviews of their personal experiences of their kids’ school so anyone can view them online on the website. You can also find rankings of elementary schools on the website that will definitely help you with the process of choosing the best school for your kids. Most of the kids nowadays know how to deal with computers, so you can show your kids pictures of different schools online, reviews, and pictures of each school’s playgrounds and classes until they seem to like one of those schools. My kids also did not want to move at the beginning but now they are very happy and satisfied with their new school as they get to practice their favorite sports and hobbies every day, and they also have brilliant classmates who they like so much. To be honest with you, I made my decision entirely online with my kids before I moved to New York. I hope the link at the end of my post will be helpful for you as it has a list of the top elementary schools in the USA. At the beginning, I kept checking the reviews and rankings of different schools on this website I am telling you about, and then I made a shortlist of the best schools according to people’s opinions. The location was not a big issue for me and will not be an issue for you because you have not moved out yet, so it gives you more flexibility to choose between many schools in different locations. After that, I sat down with my kids and my wife in front of the computer screen and we read the reviews of different schools together, and then we viewed many pictures of all the schools in my shortlist until the kids have finally decided which school they like the most. We then visited this school altogether to check everything with our own eyes and meet the teachers and the students in the school. The school had the best primary school rating on the website, which also made me feel more confident about my kids’ final decision.

Emily Alexandera year ago

I do not personally think that making your decision online is the best choice for you. I have done that before, I picked out a new school for my kids based on online reviews of other people, and unfortunately, it did not end up so well for all of us. I then had to move the kids again to another school, which was a big hassle for me and everyone else. I agree that such websites can show you elementary school rankings and reviews of many schools that may help you make up your mind about the best school for your kids, but I really advise not to depend on such reviews only. People write them only according to their own personal perceptions of what a good school should have and they do not really give a lot of attention to the overall education process, which is the most important for me.

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