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How can I find a tutoring center for my son?

I see that my son has problems with working out math as well as analyzing English Poems. I will appreciate a lot if there is someone who can advise me on how to find a good tutoring center. Alternatively, I need help with finding Maths and English tutor who is willing to work from my home and help my son prepare for his final year examinations in high school. In addition, I need guidance on how to get an individual who can work as an A level maths tutor for my cousin who is staying with us.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on January 31, 2018

Final year in secondary education is a very critical year for every child. This is a year that determines a lot what the future of your child is going to be as far as academics and careers are concerned. It is good that you have found early that your child requires extra assistance. Well, there are numerous tutoring centers that you can resort to send your child to learn. First of all, it depends with your location, since in most cases your child is supposed to go for his classes and then return home. Begin by asking the people around you how you can find a good place for your son. You can ask your spouse, neighbor or colleagues for places they think are good for holiday tuitions.

You can also find a place for your child to be taught and learn any subject through Google searches. There are thousands of centers over the internet that offer cheap and quality classes. Personally, I’m not so talented in helping my children study at home. For a long time, I have just been perusing through exam papers and reports to check where they are weak and then I go find someone who is experienced and good enough to coach them. I always strive to find places that have children with similar challenges and private teachers who can attend to my children’s specific needs. During holidays, I try to avoid actual school scenarios where teachers and learning formats are very formal. Classes can be done in the evenings, during weekends or twice in every five school days. If you can afford to find learning centers such as the ones that offer the plans that I’ve mentioned above, the better for your child. Just remember that, no one likes to be in a school setting from January to December.

Concerning Maths and English tutors, you should be conscious when entrusting anyone to teach your child. You son may not have been performing well in algebra because he does not bond well with his math teacher. As a result, the private coaching should offer him an opportunity to rediscover his passion in numbers. Make sure you hire someone who will mentor your child. The person may necessarily need not to be a teacher, but an individual with strong passion in developing your child. Ask a friend who is an accountant, an engineer, pilot, medical doctor, computer scientist or someone else whose career is dependent on math and English. He or she should be someone who has been transformed his life by loving math and developing strong English language skills. This also goes for A level math tutors. They should not bring a classroom setting to your home. Let them be the kind of people, who both your son and cousin can look up to for a professional figure and life mentor.

Kurt Price2 years ago

Private tutoring can help your child a lot. It should not over work your child but help them realize what he has not been doing right and which has most likely contributed to his low performance. Talk to your son and cousin and let them contribute to what can change their attitude and add to their performance in specific subjects. Give them an opportunity to choose and vet their tutors. Ask them to design their personal learning timetable which they can then harmonize with the tutor.

If you cannot access reputable Maths and English tutors who can physically coach your child, you can try to look for professional online tutors. Normally, I would consider hiring freelance specialist since they are frequently available and can work under flexible schedules. They are as qualified as the one in learning centers and are often less pricey. Finally, if you have family friends with children with challenges just yours, you can consider teaming up and letting your children learn together in small tutoring groups.

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