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How can I ensure I remain self motivated?

I am preparing for a job interview and a friend suggested I go through some common interview questions. Among the questions I came across was one about being self motivated. This is my first interview and I would appreciate some help determining whether I am equipped with appropriate life motivation for the position. Since I am not well versant with motivation in performance I would also like to know various ways how to gain motivation. I am having trouble understanding what motivates me and what factors would increase my chances for getting the job.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 17, 2018

According to relevant research yes, it is true that the question of self-motivation is very common at interviews. I was also asked the same question during my interview for my current job. The term simply means the capability of being driven, focused and smart. It is also the ability to embrace positive learning. You can easily determine whether you have the life-motivation by weighing your character against those factors. Determine if you are sharp and would not be prone to manipulation at the intended position. In case you are not motivated below are some points that you could consider implementing to help you out:

  • Be positive
    Positivity goes a long way in any work ethic. The ability to remain optimistic and keep negative thoughts away will help you gain motivation. Whenever you find yourself wandering in pessimistic thoughts try and divert your focus to brighter thoughts. You could also try viewing things from a positive perspective. Find an opportunity in any unpleasant situation.
  • Be passionate
    With passion, you naturally become hungry and driven. Passion will drive you to want to do something. You entire concentration and objective will be fixed on wanting it. Don’t just think of having it but try to achieve it. Make it your purpose and struggle to get it.
  • Be realistic
    As much as you are dedicated and motivated to attain something ensure you are aware of the challenges you risk facing. Over confidence and trying to perfect everything may leave you disappointed if things do not work out. Failures happen and it is natural so do not burden yourself to attain perfection since some things are beyond your control.
  • Be gradual
    Take it one step at a time, start small and then gradually move up the ladder. You can start by setting short term goals that you can easily attain. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with the task before taking on more complex tasks.
  • Be confident. Believe that you can do it. Trust in your capabilities and competence to take on the challenge.
  • Stay on track. Ensure you remain motivated do not start of in high spirit and lose hope halfway as the progress continues. In order to be successful, you have to make sure you keep your motivating factors close. After identifying what motivates you, indulge yourself. If an individual is your motivator seek their insight and let them assist you in keeping track of your progress or work performance.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

As an individual who also implemented the above strategy to ascertain self-motivation, I can confirm incorporating the following tactics will keep you motivated. Additionally, if you have a weakness for something that you know will hinder you from performing well, stay away from it.
You could also find a solid support system that will help you through whatever situation. If you feel like you are drowning, consider self-care. Ensure you are happy and also have good self-esteem for you to remain confident no matter the circumstance. Be proud of who you are but
at the same time do so with respect and integrity. When it comes to determining what motivates you that depends on the matters of preferences and they differ from one individual to another. However, you could point out at aspects of your life that when you think about or do
encourage you to keep striving. It could be an individual that motivates you or even a hobby that you have.

Kyle Mckinney2 years ago

I believe the person who posted the question wants guidance on how to answer the “Are you self motivated?” job interview question. It is not about tips on gaining motivation. Instead, it's about responding to "how to gain motivation" questions during a job interview. Employers tend to pose questions about motivation. When asked if you are self-motivated, the answer should be yes. Nonetheless, saying yes is not enough. Since the interviewer wants to assess if you are a person who can work without supervision, a better answer is the one that is supported by an instance or instances when you describe self-motivation.

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