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How can I enroll in one of the top universities in USA?

I’m planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical engineering in the near future. A good number of my teachers and friends have suggested that I consider studying in the United States due to its advanced technology and cultural diversity. As such, I’m seeking guidance on how I can enroll in one of the top universities in USA. In addition, I will  appreciate a lot if someone can help me understand how to study abroad while at the same time be able to earn a living. Finally, I would like to compile a list of universities in USA that are both known for their high academic standards and affordability, and if there is someone who can help me understand how to select universities/colleges that fit into this criteria.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on March 29, 2018

All colleges and universities in the United States have the mandate to set their own admission standards as well decide which applicant meets those standards. As a result, you will be required to apply separately to every top university in the USA that you want to study.  You should apply to several schools in order to increase your chances of getting a good college since most colleges receive numerous applications, and the chances of being accepted to any are always very little.

When planning to study in a university in the USA, you start as early as one year before the application deadline. Begin by talking to your career advisor, so that the two of you can come with at least two institutions where you’re absolutely certain you will not be turned down.  Just remember that besides competing with the Native American students, you will also be scrambling for a few slots with other prospective foreign students.

When seeking to be admitted into US college/university, begin by preparing your application letters, resumes, personal details that include your passport, bank statements, medical information and academic credentials. From there, write to the specific schools that you wish to attend. Since new information is being added every year, you can use to stay updated with the requirements of each of your selected college. Try to contact the various colleges’ admission offices directly and request for assistance with the application procedure.

All US colleges and universities normally make their admissions decisions basing on the students’ applicable test scores and academic record. Usually, the admission office sends students the information regarding academic programs. You will be able to access applications forms online. Note that every application will require $35 to $100 as the application fee which is non-refundable. If you have never sat for any admission tests; you will be required to register at testing agencies or exam sites for the ACT, TOEFL or the SAT.

After the process of application is over, you will receive your letter of acceptance. Once you receive your letter of admission, pay your deposit early in order to secure an on-campus hostel room.  From there start planning of how you are going to study abroad while being able to earn a living to sustain your lifestyle in America. Begin by thinking of easy ways of making money such as freelance writing and also think of the income generating casual jobs that you can do outside your room.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

It is true that securing a slot in a top university in the USA is quite difficult. However, it takes effort, determination, and open-mindedness to prepare and win admission into a reputable college. The explanation adequately explores the most important things that should be taken into consideration when applying for a position in college. Begin by preparing all the credentials and money required by the college. In case, you do not have sufficient money, start by looking for financial aid. Since, it is inevitable to be admitted without sitting for the entrance examination, prepare to read hard. Set about two months of serious reading and then pass your exams.

I believe that you should work harder to secure admission into a reputable college and other things will come automatically.  In this era of globalization and technological advancements, jobs are all over around you, and once you are settled, you will have something to do.

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