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How can I document information on the topic “how to motivate yourself?”

 I need to help various groups of people to understand how to approach every day of their lives positively and be able to achieve their daily objectives. As such, I have been thinking of compiling information on the topic “how to motivate yourself,” and I need anyone with a broader understanding on the aspect of motivation to help come up with ways of helping people motivate themselves. More specifically, I will be of much gratitude if someone can help me to sufficiently write about job motivation. In your response, kindly help me understand what is self motivation as well as how it can contribute to the success of an individual.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on February 22, 2018

Usually, the best lessons, materials and books in the world cannot get an individual excited about learning and propel their willingness to work hard, unless they are motivated to do so. It is inspiring to see that you want to compile information on making people understand how to motivate themselves.  As for me, motivation is both extrinsic and intrinsic and is a vital factor in making all people succeed in life regardless of whether, they are children, students or adults. It determines the success of a student at all stages of his or her education. In your ‘ how- to-motivate-yourself” text, you should first all note that teachers and parents alike, play a highly significant role in motivating children as well as encouraging them to work hard in all aspects of life. As a matter of fact, that’s easier in words than in practice since all people are motivated in different ways.

So, when compiling your information you should categorically target different groups of people. Make separate columns for children, students, parents and even professionals and businessmen. For instance, it actually takes a great deal of effort and time to learn how to get a classroom full of children to develop an interest in learning as well as pushing themselves to excel in class. This column may be appropriate for a teacher but for a learner it will require you to explain to them how to beat the odds in such a classroom setting and emerge successful at the end.

The rest of your work will actually require you to address ways on how to motivate oneself and this will include subjects such as motivation in job and student motivation amongst others. You can include the following as key points:

  • Defining one's objectives

More often, it can be quite frustrating for an individual to execute an assignment if there aren’t any clear objectives. The objective of your master or teacher is for you to complete your assignment as required. However, personal objectives should be to accomplish the work after a given time and do it rightly. As such, as a writer or advisor, let your readers understand how to finish their work within the expected time and produce desirable results.  

  • Encouraging creative completion

Competition in life isn't always an undesirable element, and in most cases it can help motivate people to work harder and strive for to excellence. Try to help people understand how to compete with oneself as well against those around them. Let them know that they should work to foster a spirit of competition that is friendly wherever they are. This can be attained through group games, entrepreneurship or any other opportunity that require competition.

In regard to the question of what self motivation is; note that is basically the kind of motivation that comes from within the individual. In most cases, it is determined by an individual desire to achieve something. Personally, I feel that this is the most powerful form motivation and it is the source of many great deeds that can ever be achieved.

Emily Alexandera year ago

The answer is useful to help readers better understand the concepts of how to motivate yourself. I agree that motivation is an important aspect that plays an essential role in the completion of assignments on time and to the appropriate quality standards. At the same time, it is true to say that lessons, materials, and books do not motivate students to better their overall output.

On a personal level I have come to appreciate the value of healthy competition and not view it as undesirable as you have stated. The competitive nature of classroom activities or sport events has been a major determinant of how motivated I will be to become better. All in all, job motivation makes us better at whatever we put our mind to. 

Larry Warren2 years ago

The answer above is very informative, and has really helped understand how to motivate others. I never thought that self motivation was such a great tool that propels an individual to the greatness of success. I used to think that it was all about what surrounds us: money, family, friends and teachers. Indeed, I will strive to apply this new discovery in my own life as well as try to educate those around me to explore the power of self inspiration.

Personally, I feel that classroom motivation is a great way to nurture students.  I feel that assigning a student a classroom job is an excellent way to develop the community and motivate students. Through this, any student will perceive classroom job as a privilege and not a burden. Students will then work harder and try to meet personal and their teacher’s expectations. It will also be useful in allowing students in taking turns to lead activities or help out one another so that all of them can feel valued. I believe that through building a socially upright and responsible student, we create better citizens in our society.

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