How can I deal with too much homework?

I am studying now even though most of students have holidays. I need tips on how to manage my time between too much homework and doing some interesting activities. I do not have a social life anymore because I spend all my time completing a lot of assignments. When my mum suggests helping with homework, I let her do it all. Doing my homework is difficult. I also need reliable online sites that offer math, English, physics and chemistry homework help and explain answers.


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Justin Parker on July 11, 2018

Hello there! One can only imagine how frustrating it gets when there is too much homework, especially when you want to explore new things or spend more time with your friends and family. It gets annoying when you have to spend two extra hours doing your homework after a long day at school. That is understandable, but there are benefits and ways to manage your time in order to have a balanced life.


  • To understand the topic: Teachers give assignments not to punish students but to help them study and understand better a given topic or subject. Usually, students tend to understand subjects better when they practice, and homework is the perfect way for them to learn something better.
  • For tracking: Homework is a way for teachers to track students’ progress in school, check if a student is doing great or needs more tutoring.
  • To practice time management: Homework helps students practice time management because they have to handle do their studies and still have some rest and play time.

These tips can help you manage your time so that you can have a better school-life balance.

  1. Have a plan: When homework is given, start doing it immediately. I mean that you should try answering the questions during breaks at school. This is a good head start so that when you get home, you can finish up the rest of the homework.
  2. Always read questions to understand, research to get a better understanding, start with difficult subjects, and review.
  3. Ask for help: Most parents are glad to provide homework help for their children when they ask for it. So, do not be afraid to ask for help. Note that help is not limited to only parents but also teachers, especially when you read questions and do not understand, it is okay to ask for clarifications. You can ask your friends from the class for assistance too.

You can outsource your assignment to the online tutors that I will list below. They have experts in various fields of study who write and explain all kinds of homework. They can also provide help with `chemistry homework and all other courses that you have mentioned.

Links to some of the best online platforms to help with homework:

Craig Stewart7 days ago

I do not agree with this. The reason is that there is really no point why teachers give students too much homework. On the long run, I think it does not help students in any way.
When they have too many homework to deal with, it gives room for cheating. They just can find answers on the internet or from their friends. At some point, they can begin to seek help from tutors. They do not even bother to know how the answers are derived, they only want to get good grades. Outsourcing homework is as good as not doing them at all, you learn nothing. A lot of homework will make students lazy because they will depend on others to do it for them.  

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