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How can I attend distance continuing education classes?

I work as a technician. I need to attend continuing education classes to upgrade my position and earnings. Which continuing education programs are out there for technicians in the automotive industry? I have tried to enlist in an adult college, but I just don’t have time to attend it. Now I would like to get an online continuing education opportunity since I believe I can handle that better. Please advise me on the available opportunities for this kind of online education, so that I can get myself enrolled. I need this information ASAP.

Theresa Perry

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on August 16, 2018

It is right that you can continue improving and elevating yourself academically, even as you work. Classes in continuing education were put in place expressly for this purpose. It is a little difficult to balance work and attend college adult sessions, just like you have found out. The solution is to attend classes online since that is much more flexible and will easily fit into your schedule. Here are some suggestions on where you can pursue your studies.

SFTEC. South Florida Technical Training (SFTEC) is a leading institution offering a variety of technical courses in automotive maintenance and engineering. They have courses offered physically at their college, or online. They provide in-depth programs for continuing education students. The online courses use engine and parts simulators to help you get a visual learning experience. The lessons are just as real as you would get in a real class environment. Since you are someone who already has basic technical training in handling motors, it will suit you very well. The courses are designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in the motor industry.

Penn Foster. This is another organization that provides continuing education online. Their courses include diploma and certificate levels. Their programs are designed to enable you to handle all motor related issues through a very effective form of simulation. There are various topics covered including general auto repair, diesel mechanics, motorcycle repair, Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and transmission essentials. The training covers beginners and continuing students. They are all updated to give you access to the latest technology and developments in the field.

Autoshop 101. This is another site that offers you an online education in automotive maintenance. It is a continuing education course, that better fits those who have some basic knowledge of the automotive industry. The areas of instruction include some aspects of engine maintenance. However, their courses are heavily skewered towards automotive electronics. This is covered quite elaborately with lessons on entire automotive electric circuits. They also offer tests that lead to certification. The main tests on offer are ASE exams, for which you prepare adequately at the site. They do have courses tailored to specifically handle Toyota vehicles, which is still the most widely available automotive brand in the world. Specializing in Toyota vehicles will thus ensure there are plenty of jobs to do every day, which is highly profitable.

Karen Wright2 years ago

Since this is a person who has the basic knowledge of automotive maintenance, an online continuing education program will be of benefit to him. However, for beginners, online education does not work, when it comes to practical technical courses like this one. There is no substitute for getting your hands on an actual car, to understand how it is done. The online simulator may teach you how to replace spark plugs, but it will not give you an idea how hard it is to lift out an engine. That is something you have to do practically, to understand its dynamics fully. It is thus pretentious for anyone to offer introductory courses in auto mechanics on a virtual platform. In fact, you will get very few sites claiming to do so. Online education is a wonderful new convenience, but it is still not able to cover all fields of learning today.  

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