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How can I attain success in online art courses?

A few weeks ago I enrolled in top online classes to explore my interest in art and design. I have never taken online classes before, and I would like tips that could help me succeed in my classes. I would appreciate guidance from people who have experience in undertaking online design classes. These tips should assist me in balancing my study time and also other commitment as a daytime employee. I would also like to get help coming up with ways that would help me make the most of my online art courses.

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

Melissa Norris on May 24, 2018

School can be a challenge whether you are taking traditional on-site classes or online ones. When I first took up an art course online I had a hard time juggling between having a full-time job and being a parenting student. I was worried that I would not succeed in class, so I asked for help from a colleague who had taken online classes. I also did some research to learn the experience of other learners and how they coped with their challenges and found success in their classes. Some of these tips include:

Familiarise with the syllabus of your course. Take time to go through the course to know what your course entails. For you to even begin to understand the concept of the course you should have an idea of the highlights of the course. You should know what you should be able to cover at the end of the course. You can skim through the entire syllabus looking at the topics you should discuss.

Online classes are all about self-responsibility. Remember you have no one to supervise you and remind you to get in line whenever you fail to live up to your schedule. Online programs are just as serious as traditional classes, and they also have exams and pass marks at the end of the semester. You should take time to come up with a plan that aligns with your routine. This way your daily program will not clash with classes. You should also try to make your schedule realistic so that you have time for breaks. Unrealistic schedules will make you fall back on your schedule from time to time. You should also ensure you stick to the schedule without any compromises.

At the beginning of each semester, set a goal. Identify the academic objectives you want to meet at the end of the semester. Set goals that are attainable but you should also make an effort to attain them. Set your priorities by establishing both short-term and long-term goals. These goals will help you develop a routine that you will follow throughout the online top course.

Even though online classes does not involve face to face interaction, you should ensure you are actively involved in the classes and school work. Instructors often assign group work projects to classes of online design. Ensure you actively participate in the group by contributing as much as you can on ideas and also completing the task. You should also participate in online class discussions. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I agree that setting goals as soon as the semester begins is an effective way to find success in online learning programs. As an online student, I can say that planning my schedule to include my busy schedule and classes has made it easy for me to manage my time.  Also, I would recommend that you hand in all assignments on time. Lecturers take assignments seriously and so should you. Take time to do your assignments well but ensure you hand them over in time to avoid being penalized. As you set your goals; periodically monitor your progress. Assess whether you are on track with your goals and in case you are not; make the necessary adjustments. After you have completed your online design class, do not just wait until you have a class next to open your books. Practice what you have learned. Put the knowledge and skills you have acquired to test to check whether you have understood what you learned. Through practice, you also become better at the course and improve your chance to pass the final exam. 

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