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How can I apply for a student aid?

I finished school two years ago and now I want to join college. Unfortunately, I am not able to pay for my education. Talking to some of my friends and relatives, they have suggested that I apply for some free student grants. I am not certain whether the student aid program will also help me with housing. I am not sure that I can also qualify for housing grants for students. I really need college finance. I need to further my education.

Mindee Nelson

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on August 30, 2018

The fact that you don’t have money should not kill your dreams. You can apply for the financial student-aid. You should start as early as possible with your application. You should apply to many institutions. The free grants for students are allocated depending on how needy a student is. The free college-finance is of great benefit to students. If you fall into the following categories, you stand a high chance. However, that does not mean that if you are not in such situations you will not get the aid. If a person has previously served with the armed forces of the U.S, you stand a high chance. Being part of a minority like religious or ethnic is another good factor. If you possess a specific talent and have won some competitions, you are likely to get a grant. Grants are also offered to students with special needs. Such group that offers it is the Pell grant. The organization provides assistance to one of the largest groups of students with needs. They cater for most of the expenses including tuition and accommodation expenses. The Pell grant funds are allocated based on academic status, costs of attending the school, the needs of the student that exceeds the expected contribution of the family. You can apply for it by filling the FAFSA form. You can get it online.

There are also organizations that offer grants to those who have suffered a specific kind of illnesses such as meningitis. Well, if you don’t fall into any of these categories you can still get financial aid in order to get an education.

Do not be worried about your housing. There are students housing grants. As you fill the grant application form, you should also consider indicating your need for a housing grant. The good news is that as the college lists you down among those who have qualified for the funds, they will indicate each and every type of funding you qualify for. As they compile it, everything will be indicated. I would really advise you not to ignore the federal grants because they cater for room and board, tuition and other expenses.

You also qualify for FSEOG which is a grant given by the government to aid students with financial needs. You can also try it.

I was in need and I got help. You also have to pursue your interests in education. I highly encourage you to apply for any of the grants.

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

I agree that you should not sit without doing anything. You are the one that the society should take care of. Do not ignore the opportunities you have. Find out all of the necessary information and apply for the best. Do not worry grant that you find out. If you really need student’s aid, I’m sure that you will find it. Do not listen to any discouraging people. Take your time and fill the application form. So be courageous and try to do everything possible in order to get an education as it’s really essential for you and your future. It will help you to find a good job later. 

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