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How can I advise parents to properly choose a chemistry tutor for their children?

I’m planning to start a program that will help parents choose a chemistry tutor for their children. If there is someone with the knowledge of how I can approach this subject, I will greatly appreciate if he or she can share it with me. I also need help with compiling a list of tutoring agencies that can help parents appropriately choose tutoring centers for their children. Finally, I’m preparing to present a talk on private tutoring and I would like to emphasize more on the subject of summer tutoring, and I would very much appreciate if you can educate me on its meaning and how well can students be made to enjoy this type of tutoring.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on February 1, 2018

Most parents are not sure of what to look for when looking for tutors for their children and it is good that you’ve decided to start a program that can help them choose chemistry tutors appropriately. First of all, every parent should understand their children’s academic ability and then develop a checklist that will enable them pick the right tutor for a child’s specific needs in chemistry. Personally, when choosing a teacher for my child, I will start by finding out about the educational background of the tutor. Basically, I will need to know what school and college they attended as well as what they studied. More importantly I will have to inquire if the tutor has a Qualified Teacher Status. I understand that expertise isn’t always equivalent to best tutoring. To me, I will emphasize on core knowledge of the tutor while at the same making sure that the teacher I hire must have taken similar exams and the tests my child is going to take.

I will also be keen on assessing the tutoring experience that the tutor has. I can always rely on the tutors who have an outstanding experience in the teaching industry. Sometimes I can consider fresh tutors who have been through chemistry classes within the past few months and have been successful. You might be wondering how you can begin asking tutors how well they are experienced or educated. Note that every tutor you hire should provide his or her resume for examination. In some cases, you may just call or send them a message asking how well is they experienced and educated.

Also, parents should look for testimonials regarding the specific tutors they are choosing. What other parents and students say matters a lot. It is just like booking a hotel or tour guide, you get a little nosey before you settle down for an option. Other things worth considering include the tutor’s knowledge in extra-curricular activities and the type of examination boards the tutor is familiar with. Just remember that a tutor with broad interests is more dedicated to their work and can help your child excel more.

Tutorfair is a tutoring agency that has been in the market for more than four years. It can help parents access private tutors as well certify that a tutor is fit to teach a particular discipline. More agencies can easily be found using Google search. Just type in your browser ‘tutoring centers around (Los Angeles/Paris/London/Beijing/Nairobi or whichever city/town that is near you).

Finally, summer-tutoring implies the type of tutoring that is conducted over summer holidays. It can be conducted in a tutoring center or simply at home. The key for every parent is to be able to find the best tutors for their children’s academic needs. For children to enjoy this type of tutoring, the setting should be friendly as opposed to the normal setting. Lessons can be conducted in small groups of 2-10 students.

Wilson Hansena year ago

I agree with the above response on finding chemistry tutors as well tutoring as a whole. For a long time I have been hiring private tutors for myself; right from my undergraduate studies to my doctoral program. At the moment, I’m also hiring tutors for my two sons in 9 th and 11 th grades. I believe that every child deserves to perform well in his/her academics, and if a parent can afford to hire a private tutor, the better for his/her children. I only advise that those intending to hire tutors to teach from their homes should exercise much caution. Every person that interacts with your child should be someone of good and admirable character.

As a parent, you should do a background check not only on the tutor’s educational background but also in their ethics and specialty. I will want my child to interact with a tutor who is morally upright, a responsible parent/adult and who is well versed in exam practice, making learning fun
and confidence building.

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