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How can I acquire an immigration student visa to study in the US?

I am a citizen of Colombia living in the capital city Bogota. I would like to pursue my university education in the United States. I was told at the American Embassy that I need an immigration student visa to go to America. I wish to know more about immigration and schools I can attend.  They also warned me that undocumented immigrants education is seriously disrupted and even discontinued if they are found out by authorities. I wouldn’t want anything to disrupt my education once I start off.

Timothy Norman

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1 answer

1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 21, 2018

Don’t even think of immigrating to the United States without being documented. That could be the beginning of a nightmare you will not want to be a part of. The only way forward, as you were advised by the embassy, is to get a student visa for immigration purposes. The application process takes a bit of time, but in the end it is all worth it. Remember, if you are not approved the first time, you can always re-apply after some time. So there is no need to give up. There are some basic requirements you need to fulfil first.

  • The application process begins with applying for admission to a college in the US. Once you succeed in this, the college will send you an I-20 form for an F-1 visa. The I-20 is the statutory form you have to fill in to apply for the student visa, also known as F-1. You have to ensure that you fill in the form accurately, since any mistake can get you application disallowed.
  • Once you have filled in the form, you present it at the US embassy in your country, where you begin the visa application. You will be informed which documents should accompany the form as required by law. There is then a waiting period during which your application will be assessed by different authorities. This takes some time, though you will be informed roughly how long.
  • When the wait is over, you will be invited for an interview for which you will pay a small fee. During the interview you will have to prove certain things.
  1. The first is that you have a strong attachment to your country. This can be proved by your bank account, property, family or a job offer after you complete your studies.
  2. The second is that you are able to support yourself financially in your immigrant and school life, without having to work.
  • When your application is finally approved, then you will be informed to collect your visa so that you can commence your journey to the United States.

The finer details of the application process are available at the website of the American embassy in Bogota. Information on all US embassy websites is available at When you are through with this process then you will not have to pursue your education as an undocumented immigrant. The process is not too complicated.

Kurt Price2 years ago

Honestly, the process is complicated, even though it is not impossible. I have been through it myself. The most difficult part is all the waiting involved. Another challenge is to have bank accounts with the kind of money expected of you. The problem is that what is considered as suitable account balance in the US, is a fortune in other countries. The same applies to the “small fee” charged for the interview. It is equivalent to some people’s monthly salary in some countries. However, when I finally got the student visa for immigration, all the trouble undergone was worth it. I have completed my college education, and got employed. I applied for a resident visa and ultimately, for citizenship. I now live very peacefully in the country and I can change jobs the way I wish. I also have access to many other things, like financial services and social security.

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