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How can I access US bank student loans?

I am a student pursuing a master’s degree in structural engineering. I am currently experiencing tough financial times, and I have tried looking for money from friends and families, but I haven’t succeeded.  I, therefore, seek to be educated on how to access US bank student loans because I haven’t used any loans before. Also, I will be glad if someone can help me understand how to get a student loan with low-interest rates. On the other hand, I wish to be enlightened regarding the meaning of private loans for college as well as how I can get them. Finally, I will appreciate if you can provide me with information concerning student loans payment terms.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Daniel King on June 21, 2018

Over 70% of students in the United States rely on financial aids to support their studies.  Well, there are those who can manage to raise part of their tuition fees whereas there are others, particularly those from very humble backgrounds who cannot afford to pay even 10% of their study expense.  The federal government in collaboration with other stakeholders has developed a lofty mechanism that enables different students to access financial assistance. American banks offer a range of options to students who want to borrow money. It is significant to note that any loan is subject to credit approval. In addition, in order to access a U.S bank student loan, you will need to have a United States Bank checking account. This will give you access to any loan that will be available.

A private loan for college is a loan offered by independent financing agencies such as banks and micro-financing firms.

To ascertain if you’re eligible for any of the loan product offered by the US Bank, you will need to get in touch with the bank customer care representatives through (1)800-872-2657 or send an email through the email address provided on their website.  Alternatively, you can visit one of their local branches and ask to speak to a banker or branch manager. They will assess your case and then advise you accordingly.

You can access the following loan products:

  • Unsecured Personal Loans

They can only be awarded to you if you’re a US Bank account holder.  When you choose this loan, you can be provided with the funds that you need almost instantaneously.

  • Premier Line of Credit

With this option, you can be able to access fairly huge credit limits at a fixed rate. The rates for these loans range from 9.25% to 13.25%. Your respective interest amount will be determined by the amount you decide to borrow.  Sometimes, the bank’s annual rate may fluctuate, and you should make an effort to ensure that you’re actually acquainted with the current lending rates.

In addition, note that this type of loan has no annual fees and you’ll be able to access your money within a period of two days.  Your funds are accessible through the bank’s tellers, online banking system or Premier Line checkpoints. You can also use a Platinum visa card. The main advantage of this loan is that it can be awarded needless collateral.

  • Premier Loan

It is a good loan plan with no annual fees and very friendly rates.  It is unsecured and most ideal when you wish to be a one-time borrower. Once your application is accepted, you can borrow something from $3,000 to $25,000.  Additionally, its monthly payments are constant.

  • Reserve Line of Credit

It has flat monthly payments, overdraft protection and charges are remitted depending on how much you borrow.

In the recent past, I have received a number of queries from students asking how to get student loans with low-interest rates. The answer here is very simple. Simply apply for the various types of federal student loans such Stafford and Department of Education Loans.

After completing college, you will be expected to start making your student loan payment immediately. Sometimes, depending on your loan-type, you may be given a grace period of up to 9 months. 

Cynthia Baker2 years ago

I fully concur with the above explanation regarding U.S bank student loans and how to repay student loans. The information is ideal for all parents and students. In addition, I had the following to contribute. The US Bank does not directly award students study loans. The above loans can be applied for by a parent or guardian with the reasons that one of the goals to be accomplished is financing a college education. However, the bank has a range of scholarships that are available to students. If you pass the eligibility criteria, you can qualify for up to 5000 USD. The products offered by the US Bank which are available for college students include Savings/Checking account, credit cards, special college card programs and internet banking. If you apply for this entire feature, you can be to learn and build good credit habits.

In case you encounter trouble locating a US Bank branch that is nearest to your locality, access the website and find closest branches using your ZIP code. The US Bank website is: 

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