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How can I access the best charter schools in Chicago?

I have been having trouble finding good charter elementary schools for my relatives. I would appreciate all the help I could get from individuals who are familiar with charter schools selections to be able to choose a highly rated school about academic excellence. I need assistance in finding any good charter schools in Chicago. I would also like information on the criteria used to choose these schools to be able to choose the best school.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Jeremy Wood on May 11, 2018

As a parent living in Chicago with two children attending charter schools, I have some information on how you can find a good charter school in Chicago. A significant number of charter schools are highly ranked due to their performance and their unique objectives to meet student’s needs. During my search to find the best schools I used three primary methods to access charter schools.

  •    I used search sites to help me find sites that I could use to find charter school ratings in my area. These sites are helpful to both students and parents looking for suitable charter schools.  Sites like Great schools and Niche K-12 have provided reviews which are useful when considering which school to choose from the list.
  •    In case there are some charter schools at the elementary level you had in mind you could visit the school website and learn more about the school end some of the courses they offer.
  •    You could also visit the website for the department of education in search for the charter schools from the list of schools in the areas.

The ranking sites that categorically list charter schools in the area based on statistics and reviews from students and parents. Some critical elements used to rank these schools include:

  •    Academic success

The average performance of students in state test scores gauges their academic capability. The proficiency level of students in subjects like math and English could also be used to determine the academic excellence of schools. Schools that have students performing well are more likely to top the ranking list of these charter schools.

  •    Teacher to student ratio

This is the number of students per teacher in the school. This ratio is compared to the average ratio of teacher to student in the nation, and the school could be ranked based on this element

  •    Diversity

Diversity in the school is ranked by the composition of racial and economic diversity in the school. Based on survey responses from parents and students on diversity in the school the diversity rate in the school could be obtained. The school with a higher rate of diversity is more likely to top the ranking list of charter schools.

All these factors are put into consideration when determining the level of elementary charter schools, charter middle schools, and high schools. 

Roger Moorea year ago

As alumna of one of the best charter schools in Chicago, I agree that school search engines are very beneficial in helping you find these classes. As a Niche user, I got updates information on charter schools that helped me select my school. The search sites have a search engine that will let you apply filters which let you input specific details of the charter school you want to find. The rankings on these sites are based on the academic performance of the schools and also other factors like the safety conditions of the school environment and also preparations for college and other career options. The preparedness of students to go to college could be determined by the quality of college the senior students choose and also the number of students graduating from high school. These rank lists could help you find a good charter school that meets your needs as a parent and also the academic needs of your children. 

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