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How can I access study abroad scholarships?

 I’m a computer science graduate, and I’m planning to begin my master’s studies within the next year. However, I have limited financial capability to enable me to pursue my studies, and as a result, I will appreciate a lot if anyone can advise me how to access study abroad scholarships that can cover both my studies and other personal needs. Please, kindly help me to understand what is study abroad program. Also, I would like to be enlightened on the type of colleges in Australia that are highly reputable in offering computer science and information technology programs.  

Alexa Spicer

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on March 29, 2018

Don’t let the high costs of study abroad programs limit you. A recurrent misconception regarding international studies is that they are highly expensive. However, there are millions of scholarships to study abroad that are available for students like you. These financial aids are simply waiting for you to apply. We all love free money, and to access any scholarships you must be prepared to take action. Below are a number of sure-fire tips that will enable you to get started towards your big dream of studying abroad.

Begin by asking for help from people around you-friends, family, and colleagues. You may also consider contacting your college study abroad department, the financial aid department, your professors and academic advisors and ask them what they know about the scholarship. If you can, visit these offices and people and ask for ways through which you can access scholarship to study in a different country.  Personal visits will reinforce and clarify your initiative and determination to get assistance. Furthermore, it will impress your professors and other people in a position to help, and you will be surprised how things may turn out for you. Just remember that the hardest part of getting a scholarship is finding it, and when you involve professionals, it will be much easier for you.

Secondly, as a determined student, make sure you do your research frequently. Note that, the more you apply for scholarships, the more financial aid you’re bound to get. Personally, I like checking the GoAbroad’s Scholarships and NAFSA Portals. These are two websites that post very useful information about scholarships. Research a number of other resources and try to explore different types of scholarships. Try exploring location-specific scholarships, program-specific scholarships, and subject-specific scholarships, student-specific, government-funded, university-provided and organization-provided scholarships. Keep searching and applying for all types of scholarships that can help you study abroad successfully.

Also, try contacting the funding agency directly in order to get acquainted with all the scholarship’s requirements as well give your funder an opportunity to know and assess your determination to win the scholarships. Most importantly, make sure that you have good grades and impressive resume.

You asked to know “what-is-study-abroad program.” Well, in simple language this is a study undertaken in a foreign country.  

Regarding your question about Australian colleges, note that Australian educational system is highly advanced and before an institution is fully chartered to be a college/university it is rigorously vetted to ensure that it has the necessary facilities and it can offer a world-class education to every student seeking to study Australia. Go easy on the college ranking and status! Just make sure that you choose the college that suits your pocket and preference.

Jessie Thompsona year ago

I totally agree with the above explanation concerning study abroad scholarships and institutions of higher learning in Australia. Getting a scholarship may seem complicated but trust me; it is very simple when you follow the correct channel. Reach to people whom you believe have credible contacts and information that can help you win a scholarship. At the same time while you are applying for these scholarships try saving some money that can supplement the aid you will be awarded.

On the other hand, learning in Australia is a dream of many. It is a country with reputable colleges and universities, renowned for its political and economic stability as well as its advanced technology. Some colleges may be deemed to be better than others, but I assure that when it comes to studying and researching, the name of an institution doesn’t affect a thing. You can make the next big discovery for as long you have the necessary facilities. All Australian universities-public and private alike are accredited both locally and internationally.

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