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How can I access student aid to support my college education?

I've recently completed my secondary education and I’m planning to join college in the near future. However, I do not have enough financial resources to enable me successfully enroll in my undergraduate program. I’m therefore seeking advice on how to access student aid so that I can be able to pursue my college education. In your advice, kindly enlighten me on how to apply for free student grants as well as how I can get housing grants for students. In addition, if there is someone who has information on college student finance that can be of assistance in facilitating my education, I will very appreciate if they can share it with me.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on March 6, 2018

There is a lot of information you need to know regarding college student finances. Before you think of applying for any help you should first of all understand the various sources of sponsorship and funding that are available around you. There are those options that will require you to repay the money you are given after you complete your studies. Others such as student grants, bursaries and scholarships will assist you to study without the need of refunding once you are done with your studies. Despite the fact that grants are rarely awarded to individuals, you should try to look for a number of grantmakers and apply to be considered. Applying for scholarships is another great way to help you study easily without having to strain yourself or your family.

Student’s loans are the most common funds that enable students around the globe to complete their studies. Over 70 percent of university and college students depend on student aids to pay for part of their educational expenses. This implies that before you begin your college studies, you’ll need to establish ways to acquire student loans.  Depending on whether your family can assist in raising school fees or not, you should think of ways to acquire a student loan without the support of a co-signer. Usually, your parents or other family members can offer assistance during the process of acquiring educational loans through co-signing. This will make it very easy for you to get money to cater for your college fees and other expenses.

When you decide to take out a loan for your education, there are two main options that you should consider: Private loans and federal loans. Private loans for students do not offer a lot of benefits. Whereas some private educational loan lenders provide hardship alternatives for those students who experience financial emergencies or unemployment.  If you wish to use private student loan, make sure it is for the purpose of supplementing your education expenses. On the other hand, federal loans need to be your first choice when deciding to take student loans. Most governments are obliged to offer study loans to its citizens at very affordable rates. The repayment plan for federal loans is highly flexible and can be repaid in small portions once you get employment. In addition you may enjoy options such federal forgiveness, deferment and forbearance programs.

To apply for a loan or a free student grant, you should watch for the days in which applications are open. Note that applications are only acceptable when your grant maker or lender has advertised and opened the application process. Carefully read the requirements stipulated by your lender/grant maker needed before you begin applying. You will need to provide the documents needed and clearly explain why you should be considered for the loan or grant.

You can access a student housing grant the same way you apply for a government grant or another grant. Most importantly, check your eligibility for the grant before you commit to apply for it. Applying for any grant demands plenty of research and preparation. To start the grant-seeking adventure, you should clearly understand what your grant maker is offering since there are many types of grants.

Kurt Price2 years ago

Sometimes, when you feel that those federal loans may not apply to you, you should consider other avenues of getting finance. To me, getting a part time job may just work as a loan and can supplement the little I get from my parents. And if I can’t find a co-signer on a loan, determining how to borrow a student loan without involving my mum or dad is very important. Trying to figure out how to access grants and loans for your education may be the first among many hindrances you’ll encounter in your student life. It’s fundamental for you to remember that the many obstacles ahead of you that cannot be solved in a single day or week. Just perceive it as a long distance marathon that requires you to stay on course and work tirelessly to achieve your desired goals. Know what the grantwriter expects from you and be prepared to report your progress on how you are using the student aid money as often as possible.

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