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How can I access relevant education journals?

As an undergraduate student in an educational institution I ensure that I am in the loop on significant matters of education. This is why I love reading trendy and relevant articles about education. I am however in need of recommendations of new journals I can incorporate in my library. A class mate suggested I use education times but I have never heard of it and I would appreciate any information about it. My sister who is also an undergraduate student also mentioned that the journal of higher education is a good journal. I need any reviews and insights about the two journals.

Megan Page

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Zach Chandler on January 18, 2018

Throughout all my years in college I used educational journals to access any information related to education. I recently graduated with my master’s degree and I still use them to determine any developments in various educational institutions. I have used various journals to get information from education articles related to different education aspects. I also received a little insight from the education time journal; their articles were well reviewed and were written by competent academic leaders who addressed various issues in the education sector. The topics that are addressed in the journal also relate to various educational context. However as per my experience I highly recommend you to use the higher education journal which answered all my questions and concerns before and even during my time in school. I even used this journal to find university rankings that helped me determine the school where I wanted to study. You can easily visit their website to review some of their articles to determine if they meet your expectations. You can also contact them using their contact information on their site in case of any inquiry. This journal is not only incorporated with high quality work but work from researchers and other education professional who share articles related to issues in the higher education sector. There are many reasons why it is a credible and reliable source of information which include:

  • This journal has open access articles that enable people to globally access higher education study reports from several higher education sectors
  • The articles featured in the journal are written with both empirical and theoretical certification
  • The journal will give you in depth information about the significant roles that
    universities and other tertiary institutions play in society.
  • This journal is highly resourceful since it offers detailed comparison of features that differentiate higher education systems of different institutions
  • The articles in the journal are written by institutional leaders and researchers who analyze challenges and issues various parties in the higher education system face
  • The scholars featured in the journal give detailed opinions of various career stages in the higher education system.
  • Due to its wide recognition this journal facilitates exchange of several educational theories internationally
  • The articles in this journal are written from different methodological aspects and meet some disciplinary requirements to dig into matters to not only students but also the faculty and institutional administrators

Tad Frazier2 years ago

As a frequent user of the journal of higher education I can confirm the high quality work this journal posts. Their articles are written not only using appropriate design but also fundamental findings. They additionally have articles that address any upcoming issues in the education sector. All articles submitted to this journal are required to follow some journal requirements that will later be thoroughly reviewed before any publication is made. In case of any corrections the journal is returned. For an author to write an approved article it is a requirement that one is familiar with the articles in the journal which are of top notch quality. They highly value the readability of their articles to suit their users’ preference therefore their work is of quality writing style. Their material and articles are of high level content that is original and quality articles which are relevant to their readers.

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