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How can I access NYU study abroad program?

I completed my high school studies last year and I am looking forward to beginning my higher education studies in the near future. For the past two months, I have been researching different ways on how students can pursue higher education. I kindly seek help with the ways on how to access and pursue the NYU study abroad program. In addition, I will appreciate a lot if anyone can help me understand how to find study in Australia scholarship programs. Finally, I wish to be enlightened on the criteria used to rank top universities in Europe so that I can be better placed in selection of the most appropriate schools for my future studies.

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on July 27, 2018

NYU is commonly used to refer to New York University. It is an independent non-profit university that is strongly committed to research and development of various academic and scientific fields. It is among the oldest and best universities in the world that offers world-class study programs. It is a global university with the main campus that is based in Manhattan. It also has various campuses across the City of New York and other major cities across the world. Its main branches out of US are based in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. Other colleges are centered in Berlin, Accra, Florence, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Prague, Tel Aviv, Washington, Sydney, and Madrid. Due to its international outlook and approval rates, the university has recently initiated the NYU studies abroad that are aimed at benefiting many students seeking world-class education.

Each year, over 3000 students from NYU choose to study in campuses away from their home countries. Thus, the study abroad program facilitates thousands of students to find their preferred place of learning. The program has assisted many students who have chosen to use the NYU global network to gain diverse ethnic, educational and cultural perspectives. Since so many students are interested in studying away from their home colleges, admissions into foreign campuses based on a number of factors that assess a student’s competency in both class and outdoor activities. Only the most qualified students are permitted to transfer from one college to another. In addition, students will need to demonstrate the ability to sustain their lifestyles in their countries of destination.

So, after you’ve ascertained that you meet all the transfer criteria, you will be required to visit the NYU website and apply to be considered for the international studies program. All students who wish to be considered should have study permits or student visas. In case of any difficulties with the application process, always ensure that you consult the admission officer or academic advisor on your campus.

Finding Australian study programs is so easy. In most cases, the local governments in partnership with other educational stakeholders announce international scholarship opportunities in newspapers and magazines. You can also access such opportunities via various education websites as well as the offices of higher education commission.

There are varying criteria that are used to rank the top European universities. The commonest and most effective method uses the faculty size, enrollment rates, graduation rates, students’ approval rates, the presence of facilities, and performance in sports and trade fair exhibitions. 

Roger Moore2 years ago

I fully concur with the above answer regarding NYU study abroad, top universities across Europe and how to access Australian scholarships. The explanation is simple, clear and concise. Many students desire to pursue their learning in schools that are far away from their home countries. They do so because they wish to explore different learning environments and experiences. In addition, studying abroad gives one a real opportunity to make new friends and access new employment avenues. NYU offers college students a wonderful gateway to attain their academic dreams.

Since its inception in 1831, this university has received numerous awards that include Nobel Laureates, Fields medalists, and Turing Awards. The university is ever providing students with the avenues to become great career men and women. The cost of the study is cheaper and the restrictions to study at the school of your choice are greatly reduced. Its various campuses continue to teach students the values of cultural diversity, international cooperation, and university. 


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