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How can I access free online psychology courses?

I have a friend who is interested in resuming her degree which she quitted some years ago. She was thinking of going through the Yale online course selection to find a suitable program. She asked me for my opinion of how she can find free online psychology courses, but I could not think of anything. I gave her an option of attending a free online summer school although I have no details about the program. I would appreciate information on long distance learning or any relevant information that would help my friend find a good online program.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Ross Pratt on June 27, 2018

Online learning programs have simplified the process of obtaining an education.  The convenience and flexibility of these programs allow people with busy schedules and other commitments to be able to pursue courses of their choice. As an individual who completed online master's degree, I am delighted that my online learning experience was life-changing. I was able to accomplish my educational goals without having to rearrange my entire day-to-day routine.

There are several ways to find online programs especially when you know the course you want to pursue. In your case, it will be easy to find a program offering free psychology course online. Through the following steps you can look for online learning programs:

  •    Using online search engines

You can make use online search systems to find online programs. These search engines will help you filter through a broad range of online psychology courses. Visit the search engine website and fill the search section with keywords of what you want. You can input online psychology courses or free online psychology program. The engine will search through its system and generate a list of online psychology courses you can apply for. These search systems are of great use since you can now look through the list to find a program that meets your preference.

  •    Inquiring from the Department of education

The Department of education database is a reliable resource that has all the information you need to know about online programs offered at learning institutions. The department website contains a list of registered colleges and universities. The list also provides details of the online courses that the institution provides. You will be able to determine which institution allows its applicants to learn through long-distance programs.

  •    Online learning videos

There are free summer school online programs that provide online videos to help individuals learn particular courses. Use the internet to access free learning sites. Some of these sites provide course notes that help you study. You can be able to register for a short psychology course. After you have registered, you will have access to the learning videos and course notes. At the end of the course, you can undertake a test to gauge your understanding of the course.

To answer your question on the selection of Yale online courses, you should visit the Yale University website.  The website provides a list of programs that the university offers and the courses that are online and on campus. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

I agree that all the options provided above are good options to find online education programs. Depending on the course you want to undertake you can use the internet to search for different learning options. You can join online forums where people share experiences on how they found online programs. You can incorporate some of the suggestions that you find useful.  You can also post questions asking for suggestions of online programs you can apply to. There are also e-books you can purchase online. You can buy a book either in hardcopy or softcopy or a new or used book. On sites like Amazon and Kindle, you can be to find books that can help you learn about your course of interest. Through self-teaching, you can study any online psychology course for free. Yale offers diverse online programs of different courses. Log on to the school website to learn about the courses offered. 

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