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How can high school graduates get affordable college degrees?

I’m working on an article that is intended to help students who have recently completed their high school education understand how to go about finding institutions that offer quality and affordable college degrees. I will also like to include information on education degree as well as how to help candidates determine if they meet the minimum requirements for admission into bachelor degrees programs. I will appreciate a lot if anyone can help me to successfully compile information on these subjects. Finally, I have difficulty explaining what is a masters degree and any help on this topic would be highly appreciated.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on April 3, 2018

There are so many high school graduates who don’t know what to do after completing their secondary education. Some of them scored well above average but they are just staying at home thinking that because they lack finances they cannot continue with their studies. Currently, getting a college degree is as easy as getting an elementary school certificate as long as you have performed well. Here is what you need to include in your article in order to help students make informed decisions easily pertaining to their further studies:

First of all, let students understand that time is always limited, any minute they spent without being in college is a waste and it will someday come to haunt them. Even before a student completes his/her high school examination, it is good that they start planning how they will go to college. Let them begin on how to finance their college education couple of months before finishing high school. While in high school, they access guidance services on how to apply for student loans, scholarships, grants and other forms sponsorships available to hard working students. Most universities and sponsors initiate their financial student aids through high schools and for a vigilant student their secondary schools are great places to benefit from. Also, advise students on how to research for financial support from various sponsors.

Secondly, if a student does not get any sort of financial help, he/she should consider enrolling in a long distance learning. Through enrolling in online learning programs, a student gets to pay greatly reduced tuition fees that are accompanied by other advantages such as availability of plenty time to work and earn, needless of paying accommodation fees and flexible study schedule. Most people seeking education degrees and other BA degrees do not need to attend a normal classroom setting to realize dreams. Check the list below for a sample of the cheapest online colleges:

College/university                      Cost($)/Credit

Bellevue University                                275

Central Methodist University                   210

Columbia College                                   261

Thomas Edison State University              215

Granite State College                             309

Colorado State University-Global Campus 350

Ottawa University                                   490

Different countries have different ways of determining if a student qualifies for a given
bachelor degree program.  The most common way entails determining cluster points (often for four subjects), the cluster point is then multiplied using a factor that is often computed from the total points the student scored from an exam. For some countries students are required to sit for SATs in order to determine what they are best suited to pursue.

You also wished to know what is masters degree? In simple language, a masters degree is a degree that one pursues after acquiring a bachelors degree and is often undertaken to prove a comprehensive and higher understanding of knowledge in a particular field.  It usually takes two academic years to complete.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

I totally agree with information provided above regarding helping students access cheap college degree programs. I believe that cheap and quality education is available for any student that is willing to study. For most students, obtaining a degree away from a real college and classroom is simply the best and cheapest way to study. I can advise that any student facing financial challenges should strongly consider distance learning since the degree offered is as real and credible as the one from a brick and mortar college. Interestingly, online degrees portray some of the most admirable values that characterize higher learning in the modern day.

For the purpose of determining if your preferred college is the most appropriate for your goals and financial ability, you should begin by checking whether it is public college or non-profit university or college. The college should also have programs with notable online presence. Finally, check if your chosen college is in the top four/five-year graduation rate.

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