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How can biomass energy use improve water quality? a. The combustion of biomass material to produce energy improves water quality by filtering out pollutants. b. Biomass energy use does not require water, which reduces the impact of other energy producing technologies on water quality. c. Soil erosion and sedimentation are decreased during biomass crop growth. d. All of the above

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Curtis Rhodes on November 29, 2018

Response; C. Soil erosion and sedimentation to a decrease of the biomass of crop growth. Explanation;-Biomass energy comes from crops that are grown expressly for that purpose. The growth of these crops help to reduce the rate of erosion of the soil and consequent accumulation of sedimentation in water courses, and decreases the runoff of fertilizers and pesticides into water courses. -In addition, the combustion of biomass, on the other hand, can reduce the quality of the water involves the use of water to create steam. When this water is returned to the environment, can pollute the waterways.

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