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How can a first-time student ready to attend college get an access to the FAFSA student loans?

Following the higher education amendment of 1992, the addition of the FAFSA student loans has dramatically improved the acquisition of financial aid for students . However, a first-time applicant may be willing to know how to apply for a student loan since they have not undergone the process before. They may be interested in how to apply for Stafford loan as it’s one of the attractive low-interest student federal loans as they lack a clue of where to start. So where would be a good starting point for such people?

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1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on June 11, 2018

Just like any other loan, a student loan needs to be repaid with interest after a student is no longer enrolled. That time varies depending on the loan that has been granted. For example, the Strafford federal student loan has repayment to start after six months when the student is no longer enrolled. The mortgage is insured by the government and offers flexible payment options.  The FAFSA makes one eligible for taking the Stafford loan.

The FAFSA short for free application for federal student aid is an application required by most higher education institutions. It is used to determine the amount of financial assistance to the student enrolling in the institution. It is free and takes approximately thirty minutes to fill out online at  or fill in a paper version and mail it in. FAFSA gives you the opportunity to access loans, grants and work-study funds from the government vital for underprivileged learners.

The loan application for FAFSA students helps the college you enroll in to calculate how much money you receive as an aid. A simple formula accomplishes this. The method considers the cost of attendance to the institution and the applicant’s family contribution. The difference between these two figures gives your financial need.

An FSAID is required for students or parents to fill in the FAFSA application. It is a combination of username and password used to access the application website. The username and password act as an electronic signature to confirm your identity while obtaining your financial information.

One needs to know that they are categorized as either subsidized or unsubsidized when they apply for a loan from Stanford. A student can receive either one or both depending on their household income. The government takes care of interests in subsidized loans while the student is in school or has deferred studies and during the grace period before payment begins. The same does not apply for unsubsidized loans; a student is responsible for all the interest incurred. Students can take out both types of loans only if they do not exceed the Stanford yearly borrowing limit.

FAFSA applications need to be taken yearly. This is in case the student’s family contribution changes over the period. A change in the financial status will mean that the formula will adjust consequently changing the financial need.

With all these terms figured out along with what they mean, it would be easy for a student to answer the question of how to make student loan applications. 

Nicholas Rivera2 years ago

Loans help one achieve goals that seemed impossible. Likewise, student federal loans have been a great help in empowering the financially underprivileged to accomplish their academic goals. The ease of access to an application to these facilities is also a great benefit. Considering that different educational institutions have different deadlines of enrolment, a student having to fill in their details in a website like in a matter of minutes removes a significant burden on them. An added feature of the site is that you can automatically update your tax data from the IRS further simplifying the process. No special treatment is given to any application. All the applications undergo the same formula to determine the amount of aid one receives. Therefore this eliminates foul play in the system. Everyone gets the amount of funding they deserve in regards to their details.

Furthermore subsidized loans take care of the interest earned during the study period. The student after completion of their studies can repay whatever they borrowed without the accumulated interest over the span of the academic years. 

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