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How can a disabled college student get financial aid without a cosigner?

Jennifer Patterson

in Student Loans

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 17, 2019

Response . \nThere are a number of grants, scholarships, waivers/Remissions, fellowships/assistantships (grant or scholarship portions, that are available to students. The the trick is to find and\napply it's going to take time. Talk to your counselor at school--to see what they can advise.\nLook for the grants yourself - what is your major, what type of disability you have, there is money\nif you do not qualify because of the disability.\nWhen applies to federal loans-how to apply for the Federal Pell Grant?\nAgain I recommend for a lot of this information. There are web sites and books\nthat list of all the grants available. Good Luck!!!!!

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