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How best do I prepare for my exam finals?

I am about to take my state exams but I am a jittery about my preparedness. This worry has lowered my confidence that I will perform well on these tests. I have read thoroughly and even taken various online tests including an English practice test to gauge myself.  However, I am still worried about my readiness for this examination especially for the history test as I do not perform very well in the subject. I really need effective advice on how to ensure I am well prepared for my finals.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 5, 2018

It is normal to feel inadequate before doing something as important as a state exam. No matter how well you ready yourself, it is impossible to be 100% full-proof to forgetfulness. However, it is important to ensure you are well prepared to take the exam.

Here are some effective tips to help you prepare:

  • Make short reference notes as you study. Make little side notes as you cover each topic you are studying. These notes will help you recap what you have read later as you are about to sit for your papers.
  • Review everything that you have studied. Do not read your school work like a novel but instead pause after every chapter to review what you had read. This will help test your memory and ensure that you do not forget the most important points.
  • Set questions to test yourself. You can set questions on the topics you have read the previous day and try to answer them without going back to your notes. Mark your answers while referring to your notes to see how well you perform. Go back and re-read on areas where you have performed poorly.
  • Revise older exam papers. Previous examinations will help you understand what to expect on your final exams. Just like the English tests for practice that you have done before try to answer all the questions. These papers will also help you to research and read on areas where your notes do not cover extensively.
  • Create a friendly study atmosphere. A quite area free from congestion will help you concentrate while studying. Look for a library that you can study in or create a study space in your room at home. Ensure that the people around you are not distracting you from your study goals. Make them understand the need to support your study efforts.
  • Space out your study sessions. Do not try to read extensive study materials in little time or continuously over several hours. You will most likely get tired and not achieve anything. I would advise that you space out your study time with short breaks in between to relax your mind.
  • Join a study group for help in difficult areas. People have different weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, if you have performed poorly in past history tests look for people who excel in the subject by joining existing study groups in you class and ask for assistance.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

To ace a history test, I recommend you:

  • Carry out personalized studies on the topics covered in the test.
  • Read various books on world history taking special note of major events associated with various periods.
  • Come up with a suitable history memory test. Do this by paying particular attention to the concepts you wish to grasp. After that, try to relate them to information you already know to get them stuck in your brain. Make graphs, pictures, charts or tables that will help you as you study. Choose the most appropriate aid for you.
  • Make sure to study for history examinations in different sessions. History is a bulky subject with a lot of reading material. Allocate different topics to different times of day. Study the most problematic areas in the morning when you are still fresh and energetic. Schedule to study topics you are good at in the afternoon hours.

Ronald Millera year ago

Those finals really provoke us a big headache. But they are so important for our studies that is comprehensible that we make every effort to do as well as possible. I personally recommend using flashcards. It helped me answer the questions of my history test. Sitting down to study history can indeed be boring, but after reading the same names and dates over and over, they will stay in your memory. Try this study method, it’s the one I use and it works. You can study with a classmate to exchange questions.  

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