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How are parentheses used in chemical formulas? They are used to show atoms that are not part of the molecule. They are used to show which atoms are positively charged. They are used to show which atoms are most easily removed. They are used to show how atoms are grouped in the molecule.

Donald Ward

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1 answer

Ashley Howard on September 21, 2018

An example of where you can see between the parenthesis is the chemical, magnesium nitrate (Mg(NO3)2). The brackets are saying that all the NO3 bits are grouped together, and we have two of these units, as determined by the outside of the subscript. It would not make sense to have a notation for the atoms is not in a molecule. The positive charges are indicated by superscripts +, 2+, etc., And the chemical equation indicates the action of the atoms, without the need for a notation to indicate that it is easier to remove.

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