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How are free online college courses for senior citizens beneficial?

I am planning to expand my education horizons by taking free online college courses for senior citizens. I think getting a free online certificate will increase my earning. In addition, my boss has been encouraging me to join a free online school for adults and take one of the top online courses, so that I can improve my skills and get job security. However, this has not caught my attention. One of the things that has made me take long without joining an adult school is that I am slow in typing. Therefore, online learning will be a tough challenge that I will have to overcome. Can someone help me with information about free online adult learning?

Carlton Burgess

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on January 17, 2018

Getting further education as an adult is admirable because you will gain helpful skills that can enable you to excel in your career. Acquiring computer operation skills opens up more opportunities. For instance, you can do an online part-time job as your hobby. By doing this, you will have converted your hobby into earning. Moreover, the free online certificate that you will acquire will help you venture in other careers or even explore online opportunities that can benefit you immensely. For example, freelancing is a field that you can get into and determine your salary while working at your pace. There are many free online schools for the elderly that are located in different states and offer flexible adult programs. You can find adult online classes by browsing on the web. For instance, in the US, we have the Small Business Administration (SBA). This online course covers everything you need to start your business. In this school, senior citizens are taught how to write a viable business plan, marketing skills and customer care etiquettes. I cannot forget to mention that enrolling in this free online college for adults gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with copyright and business laws among other business essentials.

Another school that you can join is Coursera, which has over 2000 free online classes. Coursera offers courses that match the standards of most prestigious universities in the US. Taking a top online course also add significant value to your resume. In-turn, this makes the chances of missing your dream career slim. Another useful website where you can get adult online courses is The courses that you can find on this website include human resource personnel, finance, business management, life style studies and information technology. Most of their courses are video-driven. Using of audio-visual learning materials makes online learning real and enjoyable. If you are a single parent, financial management course will help you in managing your finances. is another useful site that you can have a look at. This website offers typing classes where students learn and enhance their type-setting skills. So, I can encourage you to join one of the adult typing classes so as to improve your typing skills. The skills that you will acquire will not only propel you to success at work, but will help in your entire life. It is my belief that, if you try these options you will definitely get results.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

I agree with you that free online courses for senior citizens are quite beneficial to adults especially those who are immigrants. I can add that these classes have made it possible for the elderly to further their skill set online. Another positive bit about online adult classes is that it helps adults improve their knowledge absorption and retention capacity. What makes these adults like these classes is the freedom to learn and practice at your pace. Online courses also fit well into their daily schedules. Most adults have tight schedules; they have to go to work, nurture children as well as take care of themselves. So, joining free adult online school suits well for their evening or holiday schedules. It also saves them the travel costs. Have you noticed that educated adults are more confident and have high self-esteem? If not, then try to find out. And you will realize that the case is true.

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