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How are DECA events organized?

I would like to attend this year’s DECA conference for career development, and I’m just wondering about the experience I will get from the event. I’m a high school junior, and DECA just got introduced in our school. Though the club has attracted mostly students in the lower grades, there are those of us in junior and senior year onboard. Among the upcoming events for our club is this conference in which none of our members is competing. I would like to know some of the activities that happen during DECA events and what to expect.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on May 18, 2018

DECA, which is a non-profit organization mentoring high school and college students in business-related areas, has thousands of members across all US states and a number of countries internationally.  DECA conferences are either international, state or regional with each including a variety of activities. There are a lot of activities that go on in these conferences including competitions, workshops, and career development programs. However, the highlight of the event is the competitions that students get to participate in and win.


DECA members typically begin preparing for the regional or state competitions months in advance. Winning the regional gets you to the state levels and so forth. However, the competition gets harder as you move along. Fewer students can get to the ICDC level.

DECA members are allowed to participate in approximately ten different DECA competitions with each varying in complexity. These competitions are in business management and administration, marketing, entrepreneurship, hospitality, finance, and financial literacy. It is advisable to compete in a category you are familiar with both for the oral and writing competition.

Well, it is okay to be afraid of competing when you are a first time member of DECA. From personal experience, the Principles of BA is a simpler competition that you can start with to familiarize with DECA competitions. Here, you will most likely compete in role plays which normally ask the competitor to solve business problems in real time.

Knowing which DECA event to participate in can help you compete with students with the same level of experience. Remember, you may not be in the position to compete with another high school junior but with years of experience at DECA. Some of these events will test your knowledge while others test your speed and critical thinking skills. However, the important thing is to learn and have fun. You can join DECA competitions as an individual or in a team.

DECA rewards hard work, and efforts members put into learning business. Most of the skills you will gain here will help you in your future career even if you wish to join a professional rather than a business path.

On the DECA website, there is information on the next upcoming event in your region or state and also past events that can help you know more about what to expect. You can find a description of the events that take place in similar conferences and sample competitions too.

Leigh Mann2 years ago

Every high school student, regardless of aspirations and future career plans, should join DECA. DECA events are some of the best educational experiences you will ever receive outside of the classroom.

What every student must realize is that you need more than textbook knowledge and passive learning to become successful in life. In life, everyone has the choice of sitting on the fence and watching life slip by but participating in shaping your life.

So, instead of attending these events to watch others excel, why not participate in the competitions too. There is nothing wrong with failing the first time as you can always try again. However, be wise and choose less competitive events to increase your chances of success.

Still, participating shouldn’t be only to win. There are other benefits you will enjoy by being a DECA active member such as enriching your resume for college application and exploring vast networking opportunities. 

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