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How advantageous are online courses with certificates?

Change in the technology is affecting the millennial generation in all spheres. Everything can be found on online platforms. The current online courses are on the rise, and now everyone is speaking about them. I believe they are enjoying the benefits of online learning that we are yet to understand. Distance learning universities are the talk of the town.  I am fascinated by how they manage to do and accomplish many things through the internet and nothing seems a bother. All I want to know is how advantageous are online courses with certificates?

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on April 27, 2018

The existing challenges in our institutions of higher learning are the reason for new inventions to offer the same service. The problems such as budgets, course shortages, and higher tuition have affected many students leading them to examine alternatives. Many students are taking supplementary education on online platforms that can earn the degrees. Because of this, online learning is an excellent higher education option. The status of the platform has led to the expansion of the online courses with a certificate in colleges and universities. The initial cynicism is now the evidence that demonstrates that the online teaching is valid just as the classroom education.

There are no physical class sessions. It provides a comfortable studying environment where the materials from the lecturers are sent electronically. Students schedule their learning timetable at the convenient time. They can do their studies and comfortably work on another errand as a job. Students can increase their income by having more time to work and study at their comfort. Distance learning university studies do not require you to be available all the time. All you have to do is to submit assignments and essays for marking on time, and take examinations at the scheduled time.

Online courses provide more interactive and superior capability to concentrate. When a student gets tired, they can log out and decide on the later time to continue with the studies. Sometimes they have scheduled time with online lectures at their convenience when the concentration is high. Many students ask online questions, and participation is open to all students. Varied view on a single issue is given, and students can get a more comprehensive understanding. They can also follow the class proceedings through recordings, and when they do not understand the concept, they can rewind. Unlike in the classroom setting when one misses the point it is hard to get the tutor repeat in most cases. Many students are shy and do not get an opportunity to participate in class discussions; it is more comfortable with chats.

The benefits of online learning are unending. Most students work and take their education at the same time. Some may want to consider summer courses but be hindered by the physical distance. Such students can take the course and transfer credits, taking online classes from a credited college and feeding the credits to their leading institution is the most significant benefit that allows students embark on other crucial duties of life that otherwise could not be avoided. Students can earn college credit while fulfilling the tasks of their periodic jobs.

Jessie Thompson2 years ago

I agree that online courses have low-cost requirements than attending regular colleges and the universities. Online programs are affordable.  Most online courses have the same or almost equal amount of tuition prices. However, the related activities that are mandatory in traditional colleges are cut. Students do not experience commuting costs, and because the whole information is on the internet, students do not need any extra materials like books for references. All materials are provided on the internet. Distance learning universities are widely spreading, and students can learn from any university of choice through the online platform and get credited certificates that can be accepted in any country worldwide.  I believe that online education just like any other form of learning system has limitations. However, advantages of online learning out way the disadvantages and it is the apparent reason why eLearning may be the ultimate uprising in today's education.

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