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Helpppppppppp spanishhhhhhhhhh failingggg 1) you can buy food from the ? A) hormiga B)lena C)sabor D)puesto 8) which of the following can you see near the town of chiapa de corzo? A)a large canyon B)cacao plantations C)an ancient mayan palace D)giant stone heads 9) which of the following foods would you most likely include in a fruit salad? A) el durazno B) el aguacate C)la mostaza D)la harina 10) how would you tell yours boss to go home? A) va a casa B)vas a casa C)vaya a casa D)vayan a casa 11) which of the following Mexican states has a border with guatemala? A) cancun B)guerrero C)oaxaca D)tabasco 14) which of the following is the correct way to tell a group of people to prepare the firewood? A)preparan la lena B)preparais la lena C)preparamos la lena D)preparen la lena 16) which sentence means "be good" ? A) eres bueno B)sea bueno C)sois buenos D)son buenos 18) if you are in oaxaca and want something to drink which of the following would you order? A)memela B)molote C)tejate D)estofado almendrado 19) how would you tell a group of people not drink the water? A)no beban el agua B)beban no el agua C)no beben el agua D)beben no el agua 22) explain how to form the usted form of the imperative of the regular-ar verb hablar? 23) describe two different types of mole that can be found in oaxaca? 25) name three activities that a visitor to ixtlan de juarez in oaxaca is likely to do?

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on February 12, 2019

I only know that number 9: (a peach because it is a fruit

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