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Hay una __________ grande en el comedor. a. sofá b. horno c. refrigerador d. mesa

Kevin Sutter

in Spanish

1 answer

1 answer

Alexa Spicer on June 5, 2018

The answer is: [D]: "table" ._________________________________________ "There is a large table in the dining room."_________________________________________ Note: "the dining room" means "dining room" in Spanish._____________________________________________ The response options given to translate: "a sofa, oven, fridge, table"._______________________________________________ Translated: "There is a great _______ in the dining room."________________________________________________ The only answer choice that makes sense is: "table" ; which is: "the Answer choice: [D]: "table" .____________________________________________In addition, we are given: "there is a ______ large ...." ;___________________________________________________Therefore, we need a feminine noun, singular.___________________________________Option "C") in the fridge, (refrigerator). is male;the Option "B") oven; (furnace); it is masculine; the Option "A") sofa (sofa/couch); it is male;__________________________________________________That leaves us with: Option [D]: "mesa" (table); which is the female.____________________________________________________

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