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Has the discovery of nuclear fission contributed positively or negatively to the quality of life on earth?

Cynthia Baker

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on October 25, 2018

The discovery of nuclear fission contributed negatively. The sun has contributed in a positive way. The atomic waste has polluted radiation into streams, oceans, skies, and the earth. Radiation causes cancer and death in humans and all creatures. The radioactive waste spread through the atomic bomb, atomic energy, and hydrogen bombs have a half life of thousands of millions of years. So that the parts of the earth will be highly radioactive until the end of the earth in the solar system. Although we can harvest the energy of nuclear fission, the solution to our energy crisis is not to get more energy. Is the use of our energy sources more wisely. for example, the sun is man's god-given source of energy, but it is what it is to sit in our houses on a sunny day, under fluorescent lighting, while, we could sit outside under the natural light of the sun? We already have light, we just have to use.

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