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Hans and sybil eysenck viewed people as having two specific personality dimensions: ________. phlegmatic/melancholic; choleric/sanguine phlegmatic/choleric; sanguine/melancholic extroversion/introversion; neuroticism/stability extroversion/stability; introversion/neuroticism

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on October 23, 2018

According to Hans and Sybil Eysenck, the people have two dimensions of personality which are extroversion/introversion; neuroticism/stability.Hans and Sybil Eysenck are two psychologists and studied about the personality and to theories about personality. Personality dimension is related to the self-understanding, as well as other people, so that you can be more convincing in their connections, their work routine and in your life and it also translates the complex of identity hypotheses into ordinary dialect.

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