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Given a segment with endpoints A and B, what figure can you construct using the steps below? Step 1: Draw a ray with endpoint C. Step 2. Open the compass to the length of AB Step 3: With the same compass setting, put the compass point on point C. Draw and arc that intersects the ray. Label the point of intersection D. A. A perpendicular Bisector B. A congruent segment C. an angle bisector D. a congruent angle

James Washington

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1 answer

1 answer

Kristi Hammond on January 10, 2018

The correct answer is:B) A segment congruent.Explanation:place the compass on point C and draw an arc to intersect the rays gives us another point on the beam. This also creates a line segment on the ray. Since the bar is the width of the segment AB when you draw the arc, this means that the new segment-ray C will also be the width of the segment AB. In practice, this means we have copied the line segment.

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