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Gems called rubies are used in lasers.

Caroline Campbell

in Physics

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1 answer

Brandon Scott on October 13, 2018

Well, it is true that the success of the FIRST laser was a cylinder of ruby.I silver on the ends of a ruby and built a laser in my second Physics lab in about 1960. But I think that other substances successfully and routinely to lase since then, and I'd be surprised if the rubies will be used for the purpose. In fact ... that you or someone you know probably has a laser pointer,no larger than a pencil, which you can buy for a few dollars and carryin in the pocket of the shirt. That pointer, as well as the lasers used infiberoptic of communication, uses a laser diode that has the size of an LED and runs on one or two double-A batteries. In the thatI made more than 50 years ago, the ruby alone was the size of two double-A batteries, and led me to a room full of other things to convincea few anemic-photon bounce consistent now and then.

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