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Gas y effuses half as fast as o2. what is the molar mass of gas y?

Nicholas Rivera

in Chemistry

1 answer

1 answer

Megan Page on July 17, 2018

To resolve this issue, we use the Graham's law, which states that:(R1 / R2) ^ 2 = M2 / M1, whereR1 and R2 are the rates of effusion and M1 and M2 are the molar masses of the two gases.From the periodic table, we can calculate the molar mass of O2 in the following way:the molar mass of O2 = 2*16 = 32 gramsTherefore we have:R1 / R2 = Ry / RO2 = 1/2M1 is My want getM2 is the molar mass of O2 = 32 gramsSubstitute in the above equation to obtain the molar mass of and as follows:(1/2) ^2 = (32/Mi)1/4 = 32/MyMy = 32*4 = 128 therefore, the molar mass of a gas = 128 grams

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