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Freddie is buying wings and nachos for a party. A box of 10 wings cost $7.00. Nachos cost $4.00 Per tray. He must spend less than $40 on wings and nachos. Using x to represent each box of wings and y to represent Each tray of nachos, create an inequality that correctly represents the possible number of boxes of wings and traye of nachos Freddy can buy and still be within budget.

Zach Chandler

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on April 11, 2018

If Freddie were to buy 4 of each,$7 x 4 = $28$4 x 4 = $16It would be too much to the 44 dollarsBut if you bought 4 boxes of wings and 3 trays of nachos,$7 x 4 = $28$4 x 3 = $1228+12 = 40So Freddie could buy 4 boxes of wings and 3 trays of nachos and keep in the budget.

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