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For most people, the majority of their total energy expenditure is from their basal metabolism energy intake physical activity thermic effect of food

Melissa Norris

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on December 13, 2018

The energy intakeIn many of the functions of a living organism, it cannot produce its own energy. That uses the energy of your environment, it recovers and becomes a useful and edible matter. The organisms that can do this process is the autotrophs, which may facilitate photosynthesis, they collect the sun's energy, water and carbon dioxide to create energy by then, the transfer of this energy to another body, is played by the food chain –food web. The options in question contain both autotrophs and heterotrophs.(a) A giant redwood tree = Autotroph(b) A spider = Heterotroph(c) A rose bush, = Autotroph(d) A fungus = Heterotroph(e) A blue whale = HeterotrophAutrophs are agencies that have the ability to form its own food from inorganic substances such as carbon dioxide. Heterotrophs are the organisms that cannot produce their own food, but that depends on other animals or plants for their nutritional needs.

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