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For a paralegal what is important for success?

Craig Stewart

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1 answer

Donald Ward on August 20, 2018

Legal assistants must be able to document and present their findings and opinions to their supervising attorney. They need to understand legal terminology and have good research and investigative skills. Familiarity with the operation and applications of computers in legal research and litigation support also is important. Paralegals should stay informed of new developments in the laws that affect your area of practice. Participation in continuing legal education seminars allows paralegals to maintain and expand their knowledge of the law. In fact, all paralegals in California must complete 4 hours of mandatory continuing education in general law or a specialized area of the law.

Because paralegals frequently deal with the public, they should be courteous and uphold the ethical standards of the legal profession. The NALA, NFPA and some States have established ethical guidelines for paralegals to follow.

As in any profession, paralegals should have a passion for what they do, with the recognition of the benefits it will bring to others as to themselves.

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