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Find the vertex, focus, directrix, and focal width of the parabola. x2 = 12y

Donald Ward

in Mathematics

1 answer

1 answer

Ross Pratt on March 27, 2018

thus, the vertex h,k is at the origin, as you can see 0,0.4 p is the center of the width, which is good, 4*, the parabola has a positive leader in the term of coefficient, that is to say, 1x2, 1 is positive, well, that simply means that, because the square of the variable is "x", is a parable vertical, and as its coefficient is positive, it is opening upwards, like a bowl. the focus point will be "p" of the distance from the vertex and the directrix is also "p" of the distance from the vertex, but in the opposite direction.since then the parabola opens upwards, that is where the focus point is in, 3 units of 0.0, that is to say, in (0,3).and for the same reason above, the directrix is 3 units DOWN from the vertex, that is to say, a horizontal line running and = -3.

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