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Find the measure of angle x in the figure below: (1 point) Two triangles are shown such that one triangle is inverted and share a common vertex. The lower triangle has two angles at the base marked as 55 degrees each. The angle at the vertex of the inverted triangle at the top is marked as x degrees. 65° 70° 110° 125°

Annie Barnes

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1 answer

1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 30, 2018

Short answer B <<<<< (70), but only if the diagram is correct.RemarkThe triangles of sides had better rest in their respective straight lines, or the problem cannot be solved. The following diagram shows what you meanI'm assuming that x and the third angle of the triangle are 55 degrees vertically and on the opposite side and non-complementary. Otherwise, you can not do with certainty. I have included a diagram to show what I mean. If this diagram is incorrect, leave a comment.SolutionYou need to remember 2 things.1. Each triangle has 180 degrees.2. Vertically opposite angles are the angle of the vertex VV + 55 + 55 = 180 Add the two angles together.V + 110 = 180 Subtract 110 from both sidesV = 180 - 110 V = 70Step 2Find xx = V, The angles are vertically opposite.x = 70 <<<< Reply

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