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Find the length of the mid segment. The diagram is not to scale. For my initial answer I got I did, 2(6x + 4) = 4x + 56, and then x = 6 Plug it in to get 40 Can someone please check my work :) Thank you so much Download jpeg

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

1 answer

Annie Barnes on June 11, 2018

You have the correct value of x and to correct the length of the middle segment. You're on a roll.To check your answer, just replace every copy of x with 6 and then simplify each side2*(6*x+4) = 4*x+562*(6*6+4) = 4*6+56 ... replace each x with 62*(36+4) = 24+562*40 = 8080 = 80 The last equation is true, the first equation is true when x = 6The response has been confirmed.Once you know that x = 6, the rest of the problem is not too bad6*x+4 = 6*6+4 = 36+4 = 40which is what we have. So that part is correct, as wellOr you can calculate the bottom side4*x+56 = 4*6+56 = 24+56 = 80and then cut in half80*(1/2) = 40Either way, the middle segment is 40 units in length.

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