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Families, peers, media, and school all influence one's level of self-esteem. a. True b. False

Curtis Rhodes

in Social studies

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on January 17, 2018

True. Families, peers, the media, and school all influence the level of self-esteem.The self-esteem is a reflection of what one sees and values himself or herself. Points of view provided by the outside environment respect of oneself, the penalty will be of influence on the level of self-esteem.For example: You grew up in a family that supports you in the achievement of its objectives, and that you believe that you are able to achieve your goal. You hold yourself in high esteem because they see their high value in the family.Go to the school and the people hate you and make fun of you , your level of self-esteem will decrease because the people in the school are not valued as much as you are the values of the family.These are just a few examples of how outside factors influence on the level of self-esteem.

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