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Explain principle construction and working of air conditioner?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on February 20, 2018

The air in the conditions of use of the chemical products that are easily converted from the expense of the liquid phase and back. The heat of the air in the interior of a room istransferred out of a room. Fresh gaseous fluid in a low pressureflows in a compressor and squeezed it. Due to the increase inpressure, the gas is heated and then flows into the condenser (theback part with strips of metal) and the heat generated is dissipatedand gas changes to a liquid. The high pressure liquid then enters theevaporator through a small hole, pressure drops, and the beings toevaporate. The room heat absorbed in the evaporationprocess. The gas coming from the evaporator and loved again in thecompressor.

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