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Explain how the method of mark and recapture works to determine population size

Kaitlin Dean

in Chemistry

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1 answer

Alexa Spicer on January 25, 2018

Response and explanation;mark and recapture is one of the method that is used by scientists or ecologists to estimate the size of the population of organisms in a particular habitat or area. The method begins by capturing a portion of the animal population, then mark and release him. Then, after some time, another part of animals, or a set of members of the population is captured and those that are marked between the capture of a part are numbered. Environmentalists also determines the ratio of marked and unmarked. A mathematical equation is used to determine the estimate of the population; that is N = MC/RWhere; N is the population size estimate, M is the total number of organisms captured and marked during the first time, C is the total number captured in the second time, and R is the number of organisms caught again for the second time.

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