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Explain how Active Directory impacts the Ken 7 Windows Limited environment?

Heather Maxwell

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1 answer

Craig Stewart on October 2, 2018

Ken 7 Windows Limited environment of manufactures of windows for commercial and residential builders. This leads to a series of windows and related products. Once integrated with Active directory, the impact with the current Ken 7 Windows Limited environment is there will be a creation of all new Active Directory users in the the local group of the GPO level. They are assigned to a general of the Organisation of the Unit of GPO, Site GPOS for the Domain and the GPO. In this case, the Organizational GPO would be Ken 7 Windows Limited environment".One of the other advantages of Active Directory and how to impacts Ken 7 is that, instead of managing each user individually, one can modify the privileges of higher level, to effect the changes to all users. The Use Of Active directory, you can use a single computer to create and maintain user accounts and apply to all the other computers in the domain.

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