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Examples of how Congress oversees the power of the executive branch is its power to . a. approve presidential appointments and conduct investigations.. b. create regulations that only apply to official executive offices.. c. sign the president's policies into law and enforce regulations.. d. impeach executive officials for creating too much red tape.

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Carlton Burgess on July 4, 2018

1. The congress approves the presidential appointments and can carry out the research. You can dismiss the president or vice president, but no one else in the Executive branch. 2. The charter of the CIA, is an officer job is to gather intelligence, but almost since its creation, the CIA has used an agent of the foreign policy and covert operations. But the answer is 'officially' to the right, is an independent executive agency, whose job it is to gather intelligence. 3. Independent regulatory agencies are part of the Executive Branch. The president is the job of the monitor. 4. The president can grant a pardon. Only Congress can raise taxes. The Legislative branch declares laws unconstitutional. 6. An independent regulatory agency is part of the Executive Branch

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